March 11, 2011

Time Change Video

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Why certain items (games, fun songs) catch on within a youth ministry I’ll never understand.  Back in the Fall our student ministry’s worship leader made a joke about the “Time Change” & ever since it’s been a big deal for our group ever since.  We opened our Student Worship service this week w/ this video (it contains lots of inside jokes).

January 27, 2011

Krave Conference Videos

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Two slightly the different slideshows from Krave Conference.  The 1st is 1 we did for our student ministry & the 2nd has pictures of teens from other churches.  Animoto was used to create the slideshows.

January 20, 2011

Krave Conference Pictures

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For more pictures visit Krave’s facebook page.

January 5, 2011

Krave Conference

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The weekend of January 14-15 our Student Ministry hosts Krave Conference.  It’s the 3rd year for the event & 2nd year that we’ve partnered w/ other churches for it.  If I’m not blogging much over the next week (& it’s why I haven’t been around these past few days) it’s due to the preparation for Krave.

If you are a youth leader & would like to bring your group to Krave it’s not too late to register.  If you’d like to talk to me about the event contact me at neil @ neiltullos . com.

December 10, 2010

Backwards Thinking

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This past Wednesday we concluded Backward$ (learning to have a biblical view of $) as well as our Student Worship service for 2010.  We ended the night by giving our teens some examples of people/organizations who think backwards about their $ & possessions.

Here are a few of the examples:

charity: water
mycharity: water
8 year old girl raises $7,695 through mycharity: water

DudePerfect – Texas A&M college students who have used basketball to spread the Gospel & to raise money for Compassion.

December 7, 2010

Open LifeChurch

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A resource that I new existed, but hadn’t used until recently was Open provides all? of its resources that it develops for free to other church leaders.

While it’s not as developed as products I’ve purchased from XP3 or Student Life; some of the material is at least as good as studies I’ve purchased from other organizations.  Many of the youth series contain the message outlines, small group questions, videos, & the graphic arts.  Not a bad deal.

I will be using a couple of the series over the next semester.  Each of the messages will have to be adjusted to fit our group & to become our messages, but overall what I’ve read through seems like pretty good stuff.

If nothing else you could use it to look through their ideas & help you to brainstorm ideas for your group.

December 6, 2010

Fast Times at Woodside High

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Very interesting videom from the NY Times on teens, technology, parenting & schools.

December 1, 2010

Christmas Sweaters

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We promoted tonight as Christmas Sweater Night @ Student Worship.  It worked.  I’d guess that 60-70% of our crowd wore Christmas sweaters & it helped to create some excitement in what is typically a low attendance time of the year.

Louis gets an assist in helping me find my Santa sweater & Amanda gets credit for the jacket (sweatshirt she split down the middle & trimmed it w/ a feather boa; too bad I didn’t get a picture of its back) If you’d like to see more pictures visit our facebook page.

November 24, 2010

Student Worship Flow Sheet

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Each week as we plan our student worship services we use a flow sheet to help keep us on target.  It forces us to plan through each element (welcome, videos, games, message).  It helps in preparing for technical needs when the volunteers arrive & for our band (high school students).

1 area that it really helps us is w/ planning the length of the service.  Our worship service begins at 6:30 while our children’s ministry meets from 6:00 – 7:00.  We want to be respectful of the jr. high parents who are waiting w/ their younger children on our service to end.

I haven’t always used a formal document like this, but it really helps us plan & our volunteers in knowing what to expect each week when they arrive.

Feel free to use our document if it helps your student ministry (we’ve borrowed ideas from several ministries to create this one).

November 23, 2010

Intern Job Responsibilities

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Our student ministry is blessed to have a part-time intern for the entire year.  During the school year he works about 6 hours per week in the office plus time on Sundays, Wednesday nights & attends school activities.  Here’s a few of his regular job responsibilities:

  • develop ideas for games & videos
  • produce videos to use each week in our student worship service & to promote specific events
  • set up the technical needs for our student worship service each week
  • lead a small group
  • write hand written notes/cards to teens each week
  • keep our storage space organized
  • attend at least 1 school event (football game, choir performance, school lunch, etc.) each week 
  • purchase needed supplies/run student ministry errands
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