March 11, 2011

Time Change Video

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Why certain items (games, fun songs) catch on within a youth ministry I’ll never understand.  Back in the Fall our student ministry’s worship leader made a joke about the “Time Change” & ever since it’s been a big deal for our group ever since.  We opened our Student Worship service this week w/ this video (it contains lots of inside jokes).

December 10, 2010

Backwards Thinking

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This past Wednesday we concluded Backward$ (learning to have a biblical view of $) as well as our Student Worship service for 2010.  We ended the night by giving our teens some examples of people/organizations who think backwards about their $ & possessions.

Here are a few of the examples:

charity: water
mycharity: water
8 year old girl raises $7,695 through mycharity: water

DudePerfect – Texas A&M college students who have used basketball to spread the Gospel & to raise money for Compassion.

August 24, 2010

Using Students in a Youth Worship Service

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I’ve used teens in our worship services in the past, but I’m doing it even more so this Fall.  For the year & a 1/2 that I’ve been at First Baptist Jackson we’ve used students weekly in our band & occasionally to read Scripture or say a prayer.  This school year our plan is to have students on stage every week.  We are planning on the following:

  • students making up our entire band – we are 1 bass player short
  • the welcome
  • reading Scripture
  • praying
  • personal testimonies
  • teens also help out w/ the lights & running our presentation software
  • I’d like to start using some teen filmed & edited videos

How else could we use teens?  How do you use them in your weekly youth worship service?

August 18, 2010

Student Worship

Tonight, our weekly student ministry worship services start back.  All of our teens are now back in school.  We’ve switched from summer mode to the school year schedule.  Tonight, Chris White’s band leading worship & Chris will be speaking about mobilizing our students to be missionaries.  Check out his website for more information on Chris.

I’m really excited about the series we’ll be going through this Fall.  I’ll post some info on each in a few days.

August 19, 2009

Wednesday Reflections

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Tonight, we held our 1st student worship for the Fall.  In many ways it felt like the 1st student worship service for Mike & I at FBCJ.  We had student worship services in the Spring, but tonight was the 1st time that we’ve been able to pour everything we have into one.

  • Crowd: our goal was 200 (we were average somewhere around 130 in the Spring); our best estimate is 240 teens + adults
  • Music: Jake Gulledge led for us tonight & used some of our musicians in the band; despite some technical problems all afternoon everything came together; kids really responded to the music; I’ve posted a video below from tonight of the song From the Inside Out
  • Sermon: Bryant Bush spoke tonight; he spoke at an event back in April for us & ever since then our kids love Bryant.  His message was straight from Luke 18:35-43.  His called teens to cry out to Jesus for God’s mercy.  The night ended w/ hundreds of teens praying for their friends, schools, families, etc.

July 29, 2009

Game Night & iPhone Video

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Tonight, we were scheduled to do water games.  However, due to the weather we were forced inside.  We opted to do a game night.  I used it as a chance to try out my new iPhone (Amanda surprised me w/ it last night).

During one of the games, Foot Fencing, I recorded some video.  Trimmed the ends of a couple of clips.  Emailed them & uploaded them to YouTube.  The trimming & uploading to YouTube was completed in less than a minute.  Here’s the 2 clips:

I see tons of potential for using this in youth ministry.  The video isn’t near the quality of a “real camera”, but it’s plenty good enough for most of our stuff.  I can see myself using it for:

  • man on the street type interviews w/ teens
  • recording interviews w/ teens & adults @ retreats/camps & posting immediately to YouTube as a way to connect w/ parents
  • video scavenger hunts
  • recording video on site visits
  • capturing video at camps/retreats for a highlight video

June 11, 2009

Wednesday Review

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I preached in the church’s prayer service  so, I missed all but the last few minutes of the youth activity.

Due to it being Vacation Bible School week & the majority of our youth volunteering for VBS we decided to watch a video.  We figured they & us would be worn out.

We watched Fruitcake & Ice Cream.  It’s a talk by Louie Giglio.  Mike says that the teens were totally engaged in the story.

Last week as we were meeting/selecting/previewing videos to watch we received a text from a high school freshmen who was frustrated by her lack of success to convert one of her friends.  We gave her some advice & prayed for her.  It was total confirmation that Fruitcake & Ice Cream was the perfect video for our group to watch last night.

Here’s a preview.  If you wish to watch the entire talk go to & search Fruitcake & Ice Cream.

June 3, 2009

Wednesday Reflections – Game Night

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For the summer we are taking a break from youth worship services.  Tonight, we did a game night in the gym.  We played 2 relay style games & 2 dodge ball type games.

  • Crowd – seemed to be up a little from the past 2 weeks; not sure if it was due to the activity or just teens settling into their summer schedule
  • Participation – anytime you do games you always worry about teens who don’t want to participate.  We had a few tonight, but the vast majority were excited.
  • What I’d do differently next time – meet w/ college students prior to the event to go over the rules w/ them; assign teams as they enter the building;
  • Was it a success? The true measure is if the night ends & they are still wanting to keep playing.  That was the case tonight – so I guess that means it was a success

Overall, I felt it was a good night.  Next week is VBS week & most of the group has volunteered to help.  So, we’ll be taking it easy.  It’ll be a video of some sort, board games, snacks & drinks.

May 28, 2009

Wednesday Reflections

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Last night was our final Wednesday youth worship service until August 19.

  • Much of our crowd has been @ the beach the past 2 weeks.  Although last night’s crowd was smaller they were really engaged.  We removed a lot of seats, did a different seating arrangement & redid all of our stage lighting.  All of those really seemed to help.
  • Music was good.  We are at the start of a transition for our youth worship.  Josh Brister (Mike’s son & led w/ me @ Parkway) has joined us as our youth worship leader.  During the summer he’ll be working w/ teens to develop a youth worship band.  So, for right now we are doing a laid back acoustic style worship – I think it’ll be good for the summer.
  • Mike finished up the final week of Simplify Your Life.  His main points were: just say no, turn it off, & clean it out.  The main passage was 1 Kings 19:11-12.  He really challenged the group to elimanate the junk (or even a few good things) in our lives to make room for God.
  • This Sunday we start our summer youth worship services on Sunday nights.  They’ll feature youth sharing their testimonies & a few of our college students sharing w/ the group.
  • Wednesdays will be our fun hang-out time during the summer.

May 6, 2009

Wednesday Reflections

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  • Crowd – big crowd; perhaps the biggest we’ve had in my 5 weeks w/ the group
  • Music – no band tonight; it was just Josh & another vocalist but they sounded great & the crowd responded to them; we did 5 songs which is more than normal.  We broke the songs up w/ a video, a welcome & a short testimony from a high school girl.  We sang How Deep the Father’s Love which is one of my favorites.
  • Talk – Mike did a great job challenging the group to live like you were dying.  He began & ended w/ the question “what will you be known for?”

Overall, I felt it was our best worship service from a production standpoint since I’ve been @ fbcj.  Transitions, videos, sound, lighting, etc were all good tonight.  This summer 1 of my big goals is working to improve the quality of the audio/visual in our youth worship auditorium.  It’s good now, but w/ a few adjustments it’ll be much more effective in creating a teen friendly environment to present the Gospel.

One of my fears of accepting the position was not being able to speak every Wednesday night to teenagers.  After tonight’s service I told Amanda that I was worried about missing being on stage, but I really enjoyed not teaching.  Mike has me in charge of our youth worship services, & seeing a service that I planned weeks ago come together is really fulfilling.  I’m continuing to learn that the key to creativity is planning weeks/months in advance.

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