December 12, 2008

Summer Camp 2009

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I’ve been working on some Summer stuff this afternoon.  Summer is the youth ministry busy season & so even in December day it gets some attention.

Student Life Camp’s them for ’09 is Flip.  This video from them made me laugh & thought I’d share it.

August 12, 2008

Summer Review

Tomorrow night officially begins the Fall for our youth ministry.  So, I guess its time to do my summer review.

Super Hero Day – It was one of the most successful single night events that I’ve done at Parkway.  Attendance was much better than I anticipated.  Moving it inside this year was a good move.  Doing costumes this year really added to it.

Senior Trip – 1st time for us to do a senior trip & it was planned really late.  Although it was organized almost at the last minute it was still a lot of fun.  Its a safe & inexpensive way for our graduates to have a senior trip.  I’d like for this to become an annual event for our seniors.

H2O – Summer attendance was better than expected.  Using the Nooma videos for the high schoolers seemed to work & Matt did a good job leading the jr. high group.  It wouldn’t be possible without Parkway members allowing us to use their pool on a weekly basis.  My favorite thing about H2O is that it allows us a change of pace for the summer

CEF Mission Trip – The best mission trip I’ve ever led. it was an 8 day trip w/ 20 folks so of course we had a few issues but it was a great week.  The only downside was that CEF wouldn’t allow us to bring a bigger group.  I’d like to do it again, but it might be a trip more for a specific age group.

Student Life Camp – The best Student Life Camp I’ve led.  The only downside was that it was a day shorter than normal – although that also allowed some teens to attend who wouldn’t have otherwise.

LAUNCH – I enjoyed LAUNCH more than any other single big event/retreat that I’ve led at Parkway.  We had plenty of great adult volunteers, great location (we’ll be back at Twin Lakes), speaker & band were right on target for our theme.  I really liked Twin Lakes.  I’ve never done a retreat that close to home & it has many benefits (being able to set up the day of & then travel back home, teens being able to arrive late or leave early due to school/family conflicts, 30 minute bus ride, being able to be back at Parkway on Sunday morning).  I expect us to be back at Twin Lakes next year for LAUNCH

Overall – This was my 3rd summer at Parkway & the best by a wide margin.  I saw more spiritual growth among our group than in the previous summers.  Summers are exhausting.  They seem to last forever & at the same time to be over too quickly.  I feel like I do more actual youth ministry in the summer than any other time of the year.  Almost unbelievably the calendar for next summer is almost completely finished.

A few pictures from the summer:

June 23, 2008

Student Life Slideshow

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June 22, 2008

Sunday Reflections

  • It was good to be back in youth Sunday School after being out for all but one of the past 4 Sundays.
  • Good youth crowd despite it being summer.
  • I thought the Student Life Report in the evening worship service went well (despite me forgetting to plug in the audio cable for the computer so we’d have sound for the slideshow).  The 4 teens that shared their story from camp all did a great job.  I think its really important that we don’t just minister to teens, but allow them to minister to the church as well.
  • Every slideshow & video I do is a reminder of how grateful I am for the Macs the church has purchased for me to use.  Macs make such work a breeze.  Having the right tools is so key.
  • I’ll post the video I played in the evening worship sometime tomorrow.
  • I plugged THIS probably 2 dozen times in conversations today.  I even did so w/ a very nice sr. adult lady this morning in the hallway.  I think she thought I was joking about participating, but I really do wish she & many others would join us. So, if you are reading this & want to be involved please email me.   July 13 is when we’ll begin registration.
  • Tonight we had some friends over for supper after the evening worship service.  Here’s the evidence:

  • My Sermon Notes from today’s 11:00 a.m. service:

Joshua 3:1-13

1. Command of God – He speaks & then the people move. If you before He
speaks it is a disaster.
1. Definite – when God speaks it is definite.
2.  Directional
If we can accomplish what we want accomplish ourselves than we
don’t need God.
3. Divine
2. Conviction of the People
1. Situation
Joshua 3:15 – the timing wasn’t
perfect or the perfect place
2.  Sanctification – we need to listen to God to see what He
wants us to do.
3.  Consumation of the Event
1. Happened as prophesied
2. Still had to fight for the land; God had won the war but still
had to fight; same as us with our struggle with sin

June 16, 2008

Student Life Reflections

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  • It was as good of a summer camp as I’ve ever been a part of & better than most.  Chris & Matt had much to do w/ that.
  • I love Student Life, but I think they are going through some growing pains due to all of their growth & change that has occurred in the past few years.  I appreciate Roger Davis, Director of Events for Student Life, listening to my compliments & criticisms.  He seemed to genuinely care about what I thought of Student Life.  He really sold me on Servant Life.
  • This blog is succeeding in communicating w/ Parkway & other friends.  The # of views in the past few weeks is mind-boggling (I’ll post the stats at some point).
  • If you ever get to wondering where all the weird people hang out just visit an emergency room at midnight.
  • Doing this video (I’m shocked that it didn’t generate more responses) worked for talking about camp issues.  Using humor & video to talk about uncomfortable topics is better.  It is less awkward & confrontational than traditional communication methods.  I’ll be doing more of this (just not in Amanda’s clothes, although Matt may have a few more roles like this before the summer is over – that’s what you call a teaser for a few LAUNCH commercials I have in my mind.)
  • Chris Brooks illustration using this Cosby bit was the best illustration that I’ve ever heard.  Chris met w/ all of the youth ministers prior to the session & told us what was coming, but it still floored me.  There was not a kid or adult in our group that wasn’t totally broken/convicted/reminded of their sin & need of grace.  Its amazing how big of an impact a single illustration can make.  It hit me w/ my prayer/need/desire to be content.
  • I’ll be working the wig/hat I’m wearing in this picture into an illustration.  It was a gift from some of our jr. high girls.
  • This video sums up much of the church group discussion on Sunday night.  It was a powerful night for our group.  I wish parents could hear the hearts of their children like I had the chance to on Sunday night.  Sin is destructive & it effects everyone around you.
  • I’m thinking we may need to make a change next year for summer camp.  Nothing against Student Life (we may still do camp w/ them, but just something different), but I think our group knows the traditional  Student Life camp format too well.  They come to camp knowing exactly what to expect & when to expect it (drama, rec, family group, church group time, worship).
  • There is great value in camps & retreats.
  • Teens & people in general will achieve the expectations that you have for them.  Our group (and the youth group that was on the other side of the partition from us & the youth minister who was leading his kids in a shaving cream fight at 12:30 a.m. on Sunday night.  Both of these groups will make there way into my illustration library.) are proof of this.  Our group is always in the right place & on time (the only 2 rules I have).  I really believe these 2 rules cover everything & also help to create an environment where are teens will hear God speaking to them.
  • I’m tired.  A couple of the bulleted points on this blog describe me.

Monday Morning

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We made it to the final day of camp! We are all very tired, last night was incredible but it went late into the night.

The final Celebration begins at 9:00 & we’ll be on the bus at 10:00 headed for Clinton. I hope to see all of you parents there & ready to reclaim your teen.

June 15, 2008

Fun At The Lake

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Sunday Update

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This morning started too soon, still worn out from last night. Everyone continues to do a perfect job of keeping the 2 rules (be where you’re suppose to be & to be on time). This morning’s quiet time was Matthew 11: 13-16.

We did the hokie pokie in Celebration:

My notes from Celebration:

Genesis 1:1-2
God is always nearer than we think.
God still hovers over us to prepare us to be a new creation.
God still has the power to surprise us.
Our prayer for the day: “Holy Spirit stir.”

The yellow team did Unite this morning for rec. Here’s the photo evidence:

Video Evidence of Rec:

Happy Father’s Day

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Saturday Pictures

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