June 12, 2010

Jr. High Loves Jackson Review

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A few thoughts from serving w/ Jr. High students this past week:

  • Variety is good.  Our teens worked w/ children, rec games & some landscape work.  Too much of 1 thing isn’t a good thing w/ junior high.
  • They really enjoy unscheduled time.  We’d stop working around 4:00 each afternoon.  Leave for supper around 5:30.  We’d eat, do a Bible study & share time.  Other than that the nights were unscheduled.  They loved the freedom to just be teens.
  • Jr. High students can do more if we’ll just empower them.
  • I really liked having our students serve locally.  I think it helps them learn that service isn’t an event, but a lifestyle.
  • Serving locally in many ways is more taxing on your leadership.  It’s nice to be close to home in some ways, but when you are away you escape the day to day work responsibilities.

If you are looking for a place to partner with for a missions/ministry event you should check out Mission First.  Best experience I’ve ever had working w/ a missions organization.


June 9, 2010

Jr. Hi Loves JXN

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This week we have a group of our jr. high students who are serving our church & city. In the mornings they are serving at our church’s Vacation Bible School. In the afternoons they are serving at Mission First.

June 2, 2010


This video is from Kurt Johnson, Jr. High pastor at Saddleback. It’s a really good conversation on teaching jr. high students to share their faith. It is no doubt the best video on the topic by someone wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt.

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October 27, 2009

If You Are A Jr. High Boy You Must See This

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No jr high boys read this blog, but they should just for this bit of info.

Visit Indexed.

August 15, 2009

Summer Meltdown

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Last night, our student ministry hosted Summer Meltdown.  It’s an annual event that serves as an entry point to our ministry for jr. high students.  We had a great crowd despite the biggest school we draw from has not yet started school & everyone one of our high schools had a high school football game.

The night consisted of:

  • Worship – Josh Brister & band; Lance Brown (football chaplain @ Vandy) spoke
  • Games – dodgeball tourny, tons of infatables, rock climbing wall, basketball, etc.
  • Food
  • We ended the night w/ the band covering some of our crowd’s favorite music (see the video below)

We used the event to attract lost teens.  Lance did an incredible job sharing the Gospel (about 30 responded to salvation).

For the unchurched teens we made a heavy push for our student worship service that begins this Wednesday.

Overall it was a fun, but very exhausting night.

August 14, 2009

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

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Tonight, we have Summer Meltdown.  It’s our back to school event for Jr. High students.  When we were brainstorming about the event a few weeks ago we desperately wanted to have something that would connect all of the students who attend w/ our weekly student worship service.

We had lots of ideas.  Most were $$$.

Then I thought about posting a video to YouTube that would be cool, spread virally & have jr high students talking about our upcoming worship service.

I thought & thought, but nothing.  Thought some more, searched for ideas & still NOTHING.

The result = we will be passing out invite cards as students leave.  Since nothing great came to mind we opted to not do an average video.

Yesterday, Kurt posted this video (which was developed by students).  Why didn’t I think of asking Jr. High students to help me reach Jr. High students?

June 8, 2009

1st Impression

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This morning I spoke (& met) for the very 1st time to the rising 7th graders.  For 2 more months they are 6th graders & then on Aug. 16 they promote to our student ministry.

It felt a little like a 1st date.  Most seemed to be really excited about moving up to the student ministry.  A few thoughts about this group of 7th graders:

  • I spent much time preparing the talk & realize that it’s very likely that 0% of them will remember any of it tomorrow.
  • Why spend the time preparing?  Although they won’t remember what I said (honor mom & dad, do the little things right, & run from temptation) it was my only chance to make a 1st impression on them.
  • Keeping their attention will be much easier a couple of years from now when I have a developed a relationship w/ them.
  • They will be more likely to believe what I’m saying after they learn that they can trust me.
  • They are so innocent & have no clue of the temptations that are waiting just around the corner.
  • I’ll be looking into their eyes for the next 6 years as I teach in the youth worship services.
  • They divided themselves into guys & girls today.  Next summer we’ll have to assign lots of adult eyes to keep them separated while @ summer camp.
  • A few of them will make some really bad choices in the next 6 years.
  • A few will develop into passionate Christ followers.
  • Unfortunately, most will be ok w/ just showing up @ church & never truly seeking after God.
  • They will be the 1st group of teens that I get to see go all the way through the student ministry @ fbcj.
  • I’m excited to see who they will become.

January 7, 2009

MRI Thoughts

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Today, I had an MRI on my left foot as I’m still attempting to fix this.  It was the 1st time for me to have a MRI done.  Here’s what I thought about in the 30+ minutes that I had to lay there.

  • How many other people have worn these earphones?
  • If they can talk to me through the speaker system, why can’t they play sports talk through the same speakers?
  • I wonder who that youth minister was that the radiology guy was telling me about who was in here yesterday for an MRI for tearing up his knee while skiing in Breckenridge.
  • Those old folks in the waiting room sure talked loud.
  • The older folks conversation went like this:
    • Boy, she sure has gained some weight (while watching the weather).  She looks like __________.
    • What? then the previous statement repeated
    • Well, she did have 3 kids & she’s lost ___lbs since then.
    • Followed by lots more yelling & what did you say?
  • I really hope I don’t get one of those foot cramps in the middle of this.
  • I wonder how much one of these (MRI machine) costs because it would be perfect for disciplining jr high kids next weekend @ DNow.
  • When’s the last time I laid still for 30 minutes in the middle of the day?
  • Dnow stuff, dnow stuff, dnow stuff, dnow stuff, …

July 23, 2008

Jr. High H2O

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Tonight’s h2o is at the Cheesman’s from 6:30-8:00.  The bus will leave from the church at 6:15 & return at 8:30 p.m.  Here’s the map to the Cheesman’s:

July 16, 2008

Jr. High H20

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Tonight, the jr. high is at the Scheider’s for H2O.  Here’s your map:

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