September 28, 2009

Lead Teams

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Lead TeamsLast night we kicked off our lead teams.  Teams made up of 10-12 parents & a couple of high school students.  Their agenda is to help guide our student ministry in our weekly events & big events like summer camp.

The teems meet on Sunday nights every other month.  It’s just 6 hours per year that each person is committing, but it’s worth so much to our ministry.


April 12, 2009

Weekend Reflections

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  • Lots of yard work accomplished on Friday & Saturday. It’s sad how sore it made me feel.
  • Finally, got to play? the Wii Fit Amanda gave me for my birthday.
  • Really enjoying the worship services at FBCJ.
  • I introduced myself for the 2nd & 3rd time to a few teens on Sunday.  Unfortunately, I’m sure I’ll do it for the 4th time to a few of those same teens on Wednesday night.
  • Lunch with Amanda’s family for Easter lunch & my family for supper.
  • Starting to feel @ home at the new job.
  • Amanda has battled a cold/sinus infection all weekend. I finally convinced her on Sunday night to give Vick’s a shot. I had to promise not to brag if it works.
  • Excited about this week. Ready to be a part of Joy Prom & to work on SAGE. We kick off a series called 1 Month to Live this Wednesday.
  • My #1 goal for this week: to get in a better rhythm/routine @ work & home.

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