December 7, 2010

Translation Needed

Filed under: Marriage — Neil @ 7:00 am

Yesterday, Amanda & I had the following text message conversation:

What can we learn from this conversation?

  • Neither of us spell well when texting.  spot = spout; yeap = yep (or maybe a really excited yep)
  • Men & women communicate differently.  She asks me to pick up a “drink decanter.” I’ve never heard of a decanter & was totally unaware of the fact that we needed 1 so bad that I needed to leave work & go to Sam’s to pick 1 up.  Through discussing it w/ some other guys I reasoned that it was a jug w/ a spout.
  • Why did we need a “drink decanter?” Amanda was hosting her bunko group last night.
  • Why is a pitcher an insufficient instrument for women to use to fill their glasses w/ sweet tea.  When having some guys over I’ve never thought “boy, do I need to go buy something besides a pitcher so that we can fill our glasses appropriately.”
  • I felt vindicated when the box of the item read “drink dispenser” rather than a “drink decanter”.

It did make me consider a few things about ministry:

  • How often I use language that teens can’t understand?
  • How often do we as a church use insider language that non-believers can’t understand

I did purchase the correct jug w/ a spout (the last picture in our text conversation was me asking which 1 she wanted) & the cups of the bunko group were filled via the jug w/ a spout.

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