September 27, 2010

Teaching Big Group vs Sunday School

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The past couple of weeks I’ve been teaching a 10th grade Sunday School class.  I fill in on a fairly regular basis in Sunday School, but teaching the same class for a few weeks reminded me of the differences between speaking to a large group & teaching a small group.  This week I’ll be posting some of the differences between the two.

September 26, 2010

Weekend Review

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  • Friday night we attended Hillcrest’s homecoming where I drove 1 of the junior maids in the homecoming festivities.
  • Saturday morning = yard work
  • Saturday afternoon we hosted a baby shower at our home for Amanda’s youngest brother & his wife.  Good time w/ LOTS of family
  • Late Saturday afternoon we made it to M.C. to tailgate w/ some youth families.  Who knew that so many people tailgated on the quad at M.C.?
  • State had a nice & much needed win against Georgia.
  • We typically have Krispy Kreme donuts on Sunday mornings at youth Sunday School, but our normal donut folks were out so I picked up Shipley’s.  Our group overwhelmingly prefers Shipley’s.
  • Amazing how everyone is in a better mood at church when their football team wins.
  • Even w/ a group discount glazed donuts are still $0.50 each.  I need to start frying & selling them myself.
  • I can’t believe how well our Sunday night discipleship groups are going.  About 65% of our Sunday morning crowd is in a discipleship group.  Very appreciative of so many adults & college students giving up their Sunday nights to disciple teenagers.

The Gospel in Every Sermon

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A good conversation by Mark Driscoll, Mark Dever & James MacDonald concerning the pastor & evangelism.

This video is from The Resurgence, which is a great place to follow theological discussions.

September 25, 2010

Scared Not To

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If I lived in Stark County I’d be scared not to vote for this guy.

September 24, 2010

Friday Five

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  1. Your Kid’s an All Star? Wow! Someday he’ll be average like the rest of us (5 Keys to Making Your Kids Apathetic About Faith) by Scott Linscott
  2. Seven Sins of Dying Churches at The Visible Church
  3. Why You Matter in the Story of Twentysomethings at MoreThanDodgeball
  4. Dissatisfaction Guaranteed by Seth Godin
  5. Initiating vs Responding Part 1 & Part 2 by Brad Lomenick

Food at Refuge

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As always when I travel 1 of my favorite activities is eating.  Here’s a rundown of my food while in Birmingham.

  • Dreamland – we planned our trip to Birmingham around being in Tuscaloosa for lunch.  I ate ribs & sausage along w/ some side items.  Really good bbq.  We ate at the original location which has such a bad atmosphere it’s a good atmosphere for a bbq place. I think 1 counted 457 pictures of Bear Bryant in the restaurant.
  • Jason’s Deli – after lunch at Dreamland we weren’t interested in much for supper & we had already made plans to meet up w/ a group of Mississippi youth ministers at Cheesecake Factory for dessert after the worship service.
  • Cheesecake Factory – a late dessert on Monday night.  It still feels like my body is still working on digesting my piece of caramel pecan turtle cheesecake
  • Full Moon BBQ – my 2nd meal there; really good pulled pork sandwich
  • Momma Goldberg’s – I met up w/ an old friend I worked 3 summers w/ at Lake Forest Ranch back in 96-98.  A good sandwich, but it was overshadowed by our conversation.

September 23, 2010


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Monday – Wednesday of this week I was at Refuge.  Refuge is a retreat for youth ministers that Student Life hosts every other year.  It’s an event that I look forward to attending.

One of my favorite things about it & 1 of things that makes it different from conferences is its schedule.  There was a worship service on Monday night, Tuesday morning & Tuesday night.  That’s it.  The rest of the time is spent hanging out w/ youth ministry friends.

Another way that it’s different from a typical conference is that there was nothing mentioned about how to do ______ better. Each of the worship services focused on personal renewal.

Thanks to Student Life for putting on the FREE event, David Platt & Tony Merida for preaching, & Kristian Stanfill & Chris Tomlin for leading worship.

September 20, 2010

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Cool video of how New Meadowlands Stadium is changed from the Giants home field to the Jets.

I originally saw the video at History in the Making.

September 13, 2010

2 good resources for youth workers

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The 1st is a guest post by Steven Moore at  It contains 4 good tips for anyone who works w/ a group of teenagers.  Here’s 1 of the 4:

Compliment in Public / Correct in Private
Complimenting is important but easy. Celebrate and share their successes with others inside and outside the group. Correcting is equally important but NOT near as easy. Don’t shy away from a learning and growing opportunity for both you and the student. If a problem arises you may have to initially diffuse it in public, but address further in private. Don’t just correct, but also discuss the motives behind the offense, how a repeat offense can be avoided, the personal leadership potential in the student, and the influence they carry with others even if they don’t recognize it.

The 2nd is a video from Kurt Johnson & the Simpy Junior High Podcast on small groups starting off a new year.  While Kurt’s context is different from my own there are some really good info that can apply to just about any situation.

September 12, 2010

Weekend Review

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  • I’ve grilled a lot of sausage dogs, but Friday night’s were the best I’ve ever done.  Sausage from Country Meat Packers is the key.
  • Friday night we attended the MRA vs. JA football game.  I was critcised for my choice of shirt (red, which is 1 of MRA’s colors) & for sitting on the wrong side – 1st 1/2 on the MRA side & 2nd on the JA side.
  • Saturday = college football all day for me.  There were a lot of good games on the schedule, but few lived up to the hype.  Bama looks much better than anyone else.
  • Saturday night I grilled speckled trout that my neighbor caught earlier in the week.
  • Sunday was a good youth ministry day.  Really good morning in Sunday School & our discipleship groups on Sunday night are going great.  Incredible group of adults & college students leading small groups on Sunday nights.
  • Lunch at Julep’s for my sister’s 30th birthday & Wing Stop for supper w/ the boss man & his bride.  When they know my name & order at Wing Stop it may be a sign that I’m eating there too often.
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