August 26, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing

Filed under: Roscoe — Neil @ 7:00 am

This past Saturday we were away from home almost all day.  That left Roscoe, our English Bulldog, home alone to sleep all day.

On Saturday morning after Roscoe had eaten I filled up his food container w/ new dog food.  Even though he always eats the exact same dog food, few things excite him more than getting new food.  I typically fill up the container before putting his 1.5 cups of food in his bowl.  However, on Saturday I filled up the container after he had already eaten.  He was very upset/confused at not being able to eat his new food.

So, while we were away from the house during the day he managed to open the container of dog food.  It holds about 2 month’s worth of his food.

When we returned home we found him laying on his side moaning (we also found piles of undigested regurgitated dog food all over the kitchen).  He had eaten until he was literally sick.

He had eaten about 2 weeks worth of food out of the container.

If we aren’t up yet, he’ll typically wake us up around 6:00 a.m. ready to eat & he’s ready to eat as soon as I get home in the afternoon.  It wasn’t until Monday morning that he was even interested in eating & he’s still a bit suspicious of his food.

To make this youth ministry related: lock-ins are also too much of a good thing.


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