August 17, 2010

Roscoe Update

Filed under: Roscoe — Neil @ 2:00 pm

Summers are tough on Roscoe.  At least as tough as something can be for a dog that has everything & does nothing (sleeping & eating excluded).  My lack of routine really throws him off.  This summer has been extra difficult for him w/ Amanda being in summer school.

No doubt that his favorite week of the summer though was when we were on vacation for a week.  Matt the Intern house sat for us.  On a typical night we move his bed into our bedroom next to our bed.  He’ll last there a few minutes before moving his bed back into the kitchen. He ends up in the kitchen most every night, but he must start out next to our bed.  He’ll then sleep until the morning in the kitchen.

Well, while we are away Matt gives us a call to check on a couple of items.  In the conversation he asks us “Does Roscoe normally move his bed over to Neil’s side of the bed (Matt was sleeping in our bed & on my side) during the night & want to sleep there all night?” He loves Matt like no one else.

He’s picked up a few bad habits & gone back to some old ones as a way to punish us for being away so much, but he’s getting better.

On Monday he couldn’t have been happier.  He got his favorite brand of food, a shower (1st 1 in 4 weeks!) & a new bed.  Now if Matt would just come back his life would be perfect.


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