February 6, 2010

Initial Krave Reflections

Filed under: Youth Ministry — Neil @ 10:16 pm
  • Overall I was really pleased w/ how Krave Conference came together.
  • We (our student ministry staff) are really appreciative for all of the churches/youth ministers who came & trusted us w/ their students.
  • God moved in an unexpected way.  He really dealt w/ teenagers on some deep hurt issues.  It’s led to some great conversations & will hopefully end in some full recoveries.
  • Friday afternoon was incredibly stressful.  The lighting & sound setup Friday morning went incredibly smooth.  The video was a different story.  I’d tested everything previously.  I’d worked out all of the kinks.  It all worked perfectly in my test setup in my office on Thursday.  However, from 1:00 – 5:30 on Friday we were in panic mode.  Major problems w/ 1 of the 3 projectors.  As late as 5:00 (doors opened @ 6 & event started @ 7) we thought we were going to have to cancel the setup I’d planned months for & go w/ a single screen.  1 of our volunteers saved us/me & found a solution.  Everything worked perfectly (almost) & we were good to go @ 6, but my heart/nerves may never recover.
  • PollEverywhere was a success.  Later this week I’ll share what happened w/ 1 of the polls & how it got a bit out of hand.  Thankfully the boss man responded w/ laughter.
  • Want to see what happened @ Krave?
  • I’ll be posting a few videos & other items over the next few days.
  • Thanks to the many adults & college students who gave their entire weekend to serve.
  • We’d ask that you pray for us to know what’s the right next step for Krave Conference.

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