January 18, 2010

To the cowards who broke into my truck

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To the kids who broke into my truck this morning,

I’m not over what happened (isn’t that obvious by this blog’s title?), but I do hurt for you.  Satan is winning in your life.  His 1 purpose for your life is to destroy it (John 10:10) & you have chosen his way over God’s way.

While you were breaking into my truck (& the other car) I was praying for you.  Crazy, huh?  I feel the same.

I prayed for adults & churches to invest into the lives of children & teens.  I’m guessing that you haven’t had a ton of that, but I also bet that you’ve run from those who have attempted to lead you down a better path.

I feel violated by you.  I’ve spent the rest of my day worrying about what could have been, getting locks replaced, repairing my vehicle, & a spending $ on variety of other things that are a result of your selfish act.

Your mistakes (sin) affects so many more people than you realize.  Your act of selfishness has hurt me directly today.  Your decision to steal/& whatever else doesn’t just impact you, but everyone in your community.

Why live this way?  On a day when we honor Dr. King.  A man who gave his life for others.  You “honor” him by taking from others.  He valued others above himself.  You value you above all others.

I pray that God will convict you of your selfish desires & your heart will become open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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