January 18, 2010

My day

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This morning I particiapted in a prayer breakfast honoring the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I was graciously asked to come and offer a prayer for the youth of our country.

The location of the event was very special to me.  It was held at what is now the Amazing Institutional Church of God and Christ.  However, until the mid 1990s it was the location of where Parkway Baptist met.  Parkway is where I was saved, baptized, & called to ministry.  My childhood memories of church/faith are associated w/ this location.

The breakfast was held in the gym/Christian Life Center.  As I sat on stage memories of lock-ins, youth rallies, & basketball games flooded my mind.

The breakfast went as planned.  I stumbled through my prayer.  It ended w/ the Amazing’s pastor praying & encouraging each of us to serve others.  It was a great morning.

Then I entered the parking lot.

My truck was parked in the middle of a lot filled w/ hundreds of cars.  As I opened the front door I quicly realized that it had been broken into.  It was a mess.  One of the back windows had been knocked out.  Thankfully, they didn’t steal my vehicle (they tried, but weren’t succesful).

I was/am filled w/ anger, rage, sadness, etc.



The criminals who broke into my truck (& into another car in the same parking lot) are examples of the result of sin in our lives.  We covet.  We are selfish.  Greed conquers us.  We serve our own desires.

Not much has changed since Genesis 3.

I know the answer to the problem is Jesus.  But how do we help people who don’t want to be helped?

I do know that my prayer for the youth was not in vain.  Based on the evidence I’m guessing it was a couple of young teenagers who did the damage.  Had I known what was going down in the parking lot while I prayed, I would have prayed a bit more earnestly.

I do appreciate the quick response of the Jackson Police Department.  They couldn’t have performed their task any better.


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