December 10, 2009

Don’t forget

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Remembering the past is a big deal to God (not remembering is a big deal to, but this post isn’t about that).  As you read through the Old Testament God is always reminding the Israelites to not forget past victories that He has given them.  He would tell them to remember the Exodus story or another story of how He had provided for them.  He instruct them to build an altar so that they would not forget what He had done for them.

I’m much like the Israelites.  I’ll be in the midst of a new battle.  Doubts & fears will come.  I find myself forgetting God’s faithfulness in the past & how He has delivered me.  I have to be reminded to remember the past victories.

A few weeks ago Amanda’s youngest brother was married.  The ceremony took place at Beulah Memorial Baptist Church.  The church Amanda grew up in & the 1st church I served.  It was/is a great church.  It was founded in 1818 & until June 2000 they had never had a paid youth minister.  They took a chance on me.  No budget (as in a youth ministry budget of $0.00).  Very limited meeting space.  Very few teenagers (0 my 1st night & 1 my second week).  We saw God do amazing things in the lives of teens & families.

During the wedding reception I took a few moments to make a stop by my old office (see photo below).  It looks like it’s now used as a preschool room.  It still has the same lovely green carpet (& the duct tape patches) though.

I took a picture of the place to remind of what God has done in the past & how He is still faithful.  What victories can you look back on to give you courage/faith/hope in your current circumstances?


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