October 16, 2009

Man Spaces

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How could the church apply this to reaching men?


Friday Five

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  1. Make A Decision by Seth
  2. You Should Only Hire 2 Types of People
  3. Mark says that God sometimes leads us to the last place that we want to be
  4. The Plot-lines of Sermons by Ben
  5. Michael breaks down the different speaking styles from day 1 of Catalyst

October 15, 2009

College Football Bucket List

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I’ve been fortunate to be able to go to many college football games.  I once had a lengthy streak of consecutive home MS State football games.  I’ve been able to visit the majority of the SEC stadiums (still missing GA, TN, AR, UK, & Vandy).

The Oklahoma vs Texas game this weekend has me thinking about the college football games that I want to witness.

  • Alabma vs Auburn – lots of passion & hate make for good entertainment
  • Florida vs Georgia – neutral site game, long-time rivalry, tickets split evenly between the 2 teams
  • Oklahoma vs Texas – same as above
  • Texas A&M – any home game; love their traditions
  • Army vs Navy – not always great football, but a great tradition
  • Notre Dame – I’d cheer heartily against them, but I’d love to go to one of their home games

Any college game that you’d like to attend?

October 14, 2009

Listen Listen Listen (Autotune Andy)

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Video that introduced Andy Stanley at the last session of Catalyst.  Thanks to Tripp&Tyler for the videos during Catalyst.

Shane Sings 5 Octaves On Piano

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October 13, 2009

Church Sign Fail

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Thanks to @YouthPastorAdam for this picture.



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These guys were @ Catalyst.  Wouldn’t want to play them in H-O-R-S-E.  Check out their website.  Pretty neat story behind DudePerfect.

October 12, 2009

Catalyst Notes

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Want to know everything (almost) that went down @ Catalyst.  Check out this MMI post.

Catalyst Afterglow

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I’ll be posting my thoughts on Catalyst Conference in the next day or so.  Here’s a great link for a rundown from a variety of bloggers about the event.

October 11, 2009

Mr. Splash @ Catalyst

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Mr. Splash set a record by jumping from 39′ into a pool w/ 1 foot of water.  Here’s the video I captured w/ my phone:

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