October 30, 2009

Book Review: Incarnate Leadership

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Incarnate Leadership was a book I received through the Catalyst Filter.  I’d never heard of it & likely wouldn’t have ever purchased/read it otherwise (1 of things I like about the Catalyst Filter  is that introduces me to new/different authors).  It’s author, Bill Robinson, is the president of Whitworth University.

Servant Leadership has been a popular term (style of leadership?) for at least the past decade.  I’ve read much on the topic.  However, it often seems that servant leadership is taught as a leadership technique so that the leader can achieve his goals.  It’s an end to a means rather than truly servant leadership.  This book doesn’t hint of alterior motives for servant leadership.

The author takes leadership principles from the life of Jesus & applies them to how Christian leaders are to lead.  It’s powerful, but it’ll also challenge your view of leadership.  Many of his examples are his personal shortcomings & strengths in leading a Christian university. 

This quote in the 1st chapter sums up the book “Perhaps our desire to be good leaders has elbowed its way in front of our desire to be imitators of Christ.”  Robinson states the book’s puropse as “I do not intened to describe how Jesus led; others have done that well.  Rather, I invite you to think with me about some of the tough, paradoxical challenges in leading with a different kind of authorityh than one that comes from your title, your office, your salary, or your degrees.”

A few quotes that stood out to me:

  • I think we have done better job of making Christ the center of our faith than the center of our leadership.
  • With no venture capital, no budget, and no formal orginzation, he changed the world; and two thousand years later he’s still changing it.
  • People love to see leaders on their turf.
  • The most powerful position of leadership is beside those God calls us to lead.
  • I’m not sure there has been a more corrosive leadership practice than secrecy and unnecessary confidentiality.
  • The best leaders want thinkers in their organizations.  Less talent is needed to obey a rule than to make a well-reasoned decision.
  • Values are smarter than rules.
  • What makes us think God gets mad about homosexuality, but he’s a good sport about pride?
  • My most deadly enemy is me.
  • We pick and choose how we want to be like Jesus.  But mostly we want Jesus to be like us.
  • We could accomplish much if we didn’t care about receiving credit.
  • Leadership without sacrifice is not Christian leadership.

You can read more about the author by clicking here.  You can purchase Incarnate Leadership by clicking here.


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