September 21, 2009

Sermon Planning II

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I plan out our youth worship sermons months in advance.  Typically, we’ll plan our fall semester worship services during the late spring/early summer.

Why plan months in advance?

  • It allows for creativity.  I’ve learned that the biggest key in developing creative worship experiences is advanced planning.  Having a message/series planned out for months allows time for brainstorming w/ others & developing resources (videos, skits, stage props, etc.).
  • Sermon development – having the major theme & objectives developed in advance allows for plenty of time to study the topic, word studies, study commentaries, & praying through a topic.
  • It helps to prevent being in the weekly cycle of always being in a rush to prepare a message.  Ministry can become a weekly grind of Sundays & Wednesdays.  Planning in advance helps to solve that problem for me.

What do I plan months in advance?

  • Major themes – We’ll develop a list of themes/series that we would like to teach during the semester
  • Timeline – When we’ll teach it theme.  We’ll take into consideration holidays, start of the school year, church-wide events, breaks in the schedule.  We typically limit each series to no more than 4 weeks.
  • Once we developed/selected the themes/series that we’ll teach & the lenght of each we’ll go through & select a Wednesday to teach each sermon & assign who is teaching each week/topic.

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