July 8, 2009

Camp Letter to Parents

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Today, we are at summer camp.  We’re also mailing out a letter to let parents know how everything is going & gave parents a few suggestions for when their teen gets home.

The idea isn’t mine.  Josh blogged about it last year & Mark did earlier this summer.  In fact much of the language in our letter is very similar to theirs.

In the letter we thanked parents for trusting us w/ their teen, gave them a brief description of what’s been going on at camp, & asked them to pray for their teen, the worship leaders, their teen’s family group leader & the adult staying in their teen’s condo.

We then asked them to do the following when their teen gets home on Friday:

  • Let them sleep.  They didn’t sleep much @ camp, so their bodies are desperate for lots of sleep.
  • Ask lots of questions about camp & to really listen to what their teen says (we provided them w/ a list of questions as well to make it really easy on mom & dad)
  • Be an encourager.  We asked them to say “that’s great!” & “I’m proud of you!”  Teens typically return home from camp on a spiritual high & we really want our teens to know that their parents support their spiritual growth.  Nothing means more to a teen than the support of mom & dad.

What have you done to help parents connect w/ the experience their teens have had at camps/retreats/mission trips?


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