July 6, 2009

Importance of Parent’s Meetings

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Last Wednesday night we had our 1st parents meeting.  It concerned summer camp.  Why hold a parents meeting?  We’d already

  • closed registration for camp
  • mailed out a calendar, schedule, what to bring, etc

Plus, it’s a lot of work.

We held a parents meeting because ministry is about people.  Youth Ministry doesn’t happen (at least over a long period of time) unless parents have trust in the youth ministry staff.

Much work was put into it.  We began working on the agenda several weeks ago.  What do we need to cover? What do we want the mood of the meeting to be?  What’s the objective?

We made the agenda.  Added in some humor.  Recruited volunteers to serve at a registration table so parents could turn in $ & forms.  Had a notary public present to help out parents w/ the release form.  Covered everything & allowed for questions.  Didn’t make the meeting last any longer than it had to be.

Arrived early to meet parents.  Allowed about 30 minutes for parents to submit forms & $.  Then met for about 20 minutes.  Thanked parents for trusting our ministry w/ their teenager.  Hung out afterward to allow for more question.

Parent meetings are old school.  I’ve heard horror stories about them.  However, a purposed & well planned parents meeting is very valuable in gaining parent’s trust & support.

Do you hold parents meetings?  How often?  Just before big events?  Any horror or success stories to share?

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