June 22, 2009

Book Review: Purple Cow

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I actually started reading Purple Cow @ the end of March.  However, w/ the job change I’m still not in a good reading rhythm.  So, I finished the last 1/3 of it this week.

I’m a big fan of Seth Godin.  I’ve read much of what he’s written.  Not the least of which is his blog.

The general idea behind Purple Cow is to create something so astonishing that it causes people to talk.  Something that is different.  Something that will market itself.  Something that will attract the sneezers (his term people who pass along ideas to their friends).

Seth says that the job of the marketer is no longer to figure out to market a product that is already on the shelf, but rather that the ones designing the product are the true marketers.  Marketing is not done merely after it becomes a final product, but the marketing is the item itslef.

Take away for youth ministry: Design events that leave people talking.

  • Weekly events that cause teenagers to tell everyone @ school (or text/facebook about the event as they travel home
  • Parents Meetings – amazingly organized/thorough/creative while not wasting anyone’s time that will have them talking to other parents; parents will walk away confident that the youth ministry will take care of their teen
  • Big Events – not just a repeat of last year; builds buzz in the teen world; teens will do everything possible to make sure their friends don’t miss it
  • Service/Missions – are an integral part of the ministry & not something we tag just tag on to our calendar of events; it’s a core part of who we are

To purchase it from Amazon click here.


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