June 8, 2009

1st Impression

Filed under: jr. high ministry,Youth Ministry — Neil @ 8:16 pm

This morning I spoke (& met) for the very 1st time to the rising 7th graders.  For 2 more months they are 6th graders & then on Aug. 16 they promote to our student ministry.

It felt a little like a 1st date.  Most seemed to be really excited about moving up to the student ministry.  A few thoughts about this group of 7th graders:

  • I spent much time preparing the talk & realize that it’s very likely that 0% of them will remember any of it tomorrow.
  • Why spend the time preparing?  Although they won’t remember what I said (honor mom & dad, do the little things right, & run from temptation) it was my only chance to make a 1st impression on them.
  • Keeping their attention will be much easier a couple of years from now when I have a developed a relationship w/ them.
  • They will be more likely to believe what I’m saying after they learn that they can trust me.
  • They are so innocent & have no clue of the temptations that are waiting just around the corner.
  • I’ll be looking into their eyes for the next 6 years as I teach in the youth worship services.
  • They divided themselves into guys & girls today.  Next summer we’ll have to assign lots of adult eyes to keep them separated while @ summer camp.
  • A few of them will make some really bad choices in the next 6 years.
  • A few will develop into passionate Christ followers.
  • Unfortunately, most will be ok w/ just showing up @ church & never truly seeking after God.
  • They will be the 1st group of teens that I get to see go all the way through the student ministry @ fbcj.
  • I’m excited to see who they will become.

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