June 3, 2009


Filed under: Roscoe — Neil @ 8:58 pm

Amanda left for Birmingham last night to be w/ Paige when she delievered this morning (She had a 7 lbs 20″ girl this afternoon).  So, when I left for work this morning Roscoe would have to remain inside until I returned home tonight.

After Game Night & eating wings w/ Mike & a few teens @ Wing Stop I arrived home around 8:30.  It had been 12.5 hours since Roscoe had last been outside.

As I entered the house he awoke from his nap (likely about a 12 hour nap).  I opened the backdoor & he jumps up & runs out to his food bowl on the back porch.  I choose not to feed him & instead urge him to go ahead & use the bathroom instead.  It’s been a long time for him to hold it & his bladder must be about to explode.

I call him.  I gently push him.  I walk out into the yard & call for him.

He waits by his food bowl.

I gave in.  He ate his daily supper of 1.5 cups of lamb & rice.  Then he walked out into the yard & took care of his businees before sprinting back to the air conditioning.

Roscoe has his priorities clearly defined.  Nothing is more important to him than food.

I wish I was as definitive with my priorities.

Matthew 6:33
But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.


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