May 14, 2009


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Tomorrow, I’ll finally graduate w/ a M.A. in Christian Education from NOBTS.  It’s been a looong process.

Seminary was to begin for me immediately after graduation from M.C. in ’01.  I made a visit to this place & thought for sure I’d go there & graduate in the Spring of ’03.  However, I met Amanda in the Fall of ’00 & those plans changed.

I graduated from M.C. in ’01 as planned, but decided to stay in Clinton to continue to serve (as perhaps hopefully!? the only minister to youth & senior adults) at Beulah Memorial Baptist in Brownsville, MS.  Amanda & I became engaged in November & married the next June.

She graduated from M.C. in ’04.  We moved to New Orleans for me to begin my seminary work.  We would be finished by the Spring of ’06 & looking for a church to serve.  All was going according to plan until Katrina.

We moved back to Clinton.  I found a job here.  While Amanda began teaching here.  I continued as a full time student that school year (thankfully, NOBTS let those hours count as “on campus hours” due to Katrina displacing everyone).

In the Spring of ’06 I began serving @ Parkway.  I continued taking online classes & needed just a few hours to graduate.  I should graduate within a year if all went right.

Of course it didn’t.  Not a single class that I needed was offered during the entire ’07-’08 school year was offered through the online classes or the NOBTS extension center @ M.C. Graduation delayed again.

This past Fall I took 1 class @ the extension center on M.C.’s campus another this Spring.  Tomorrow I will finally receive my degree.  It’s been a long process.

I’ve learned quite a bit through my seminary classes & proffessors, but nearly as much as I’ve learned just going through the process.


  1. Congrats! Russell graduated with his Master’s last Friday from MC. Hope you’re doing well!

    Comment by Cindy — May 14, 2009 @ 11:09 am

  2. Congrats!!! I know you are excited. Wow what a process. I agree, sometimes its the lesson learned in the process instead of the actual school itself that we learn the most from. Again, ccongrats and whew!!!

    Comment by Paige — May 14, 2009 @ 1:19 pm

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