May 11, 2009

Keys to Creativity #1

Filed under: Youth Ministry — Neil @ 6:45 am

Key to creativity #1 is advanced planning.

Up until the past few years I thought planning & creativity were polar opposites.  I was wrong.  For me planning (really advanced planning) is the biggest key to being creative.  I became totally convinced of this a couple of years ago.

I was totally convinced that for Parkway’s youth ministry to grow we had to divide.  Our youth worship service was packed & it felt great, but to reach more than the 70 the room would hold we had to create more space.  The space was created by separate services for jr high & sr high.

I put a ton of planning into the change & into the Bible studies that would occur immediately after the change in an attempt to help create some momentum.  For the entire fall leading up to the change I relied on Simply Youth Ministry to supply me w/ our curriculum.  That gave me time to plan.

Looking back the set of series that I planned during that fall for the following spring & the next fall were some of the best that I’ve ever done.  I was amazed at what planning months in advance could do for my level of creativity. Think about which songs/videos/illustrations/props fit w/ a topic over a period of weeks/months allows for much more creativity than trying to force it all into a week (or even at times an afternoon).

For me right now that means spending many hours working on a rough outline for every youth worship service for next school year.  If I can get the big ideas/series we’ll be doing nailed down now, that gives months of planning for prayer, set designs, video ideas, other leaders or youth volunteers to involve.

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