April 24, 2009

Lessons Learned

Filed under: Youth Ministry — Neil @ 3:55 pm

I spent the majority of today outside.  Mowing, weeding, weed-eating, & pressure washing much of our house.  Here’s yard work & youth ministry are similar

  • Weeds grow so easily – teenagers fall for sin so easily
  • Good soil & miracle grow/fertilizer has done wonders for our plants/shrubs.  Putting teens in the right environment (teen friendly, loving & prepared adults) along w/ God’s Word produces life changing results.
  • Routine maintenance is much better than spending all day once a month/quarter/year on a project.  Daily (or at least weekly) Bible study is much better than attending 2 or 3 big events each year.
  • Sometimes you don’t realize how dirty something (wood siding on our home) until you start cleaning it.  Teens often don’t realize how needy they are for Jesus until they meet Him.
  • Making the yard look decent is hard work.  Discipling teens is seldom easy.  (Click here to read a great post by Josh on this topic.)
  • It’s nice to sit back & admire the yard after all the hard work is done.  There’s nothing more rewarding than to see a teenager begin to make God honoring decisions.

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