April 29, 2009

Wednesday Reflections

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It was one of THOSE nights regarding all of the technical stuff (sound, videos, songs) everything had problems.  Not of big fan of this right now.  We are working on a plan to make sure we prevent this type of night in the future.  Somehow, despite all of the problems God still did some work.

  • Crowd – down slightly from last week; very lively crowd – jr. high were VERY excited tonight
  • Music – lots of problems, lyrics wouldn’t display for 3 of 5 songs; had to cut a song short
  • Talk – took me a few minutes to get comfortable & to move past the technical problems; ended up connecting w/ the crowd better than I initially thought I would; seemed to really connect w/ the girls in talking about how they treat one another

Despite all of the problems we had some really good conversations after the service.  We will make a few/lot of changes due to the techinical problems we had tonight.

April 28, 2009

Measuring Fame

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Who's the most famous?

Who's the most famous?

In the picture there are 6 individuals that gave a thumbs up to this book.  5 of them I don’t know.  I may just be ignorant, but the editor doesn’t think you know them either.  How do I know? Because she felt compelled to tell you who they are.

There is 1 guy, Leno (see you don’t even need his 1st name to know who he is), who is truly famous on this list.

Must Watch/Listen

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You simply must watch/listen to Andy Stanley’s 2 most recent messages entitled God & Country.  I believe God is using him as a prophetic voice for our nation.

Here are your options:

  • Click here to watch/listen to them on North Point’s website
  • Click here to for the podcast in iTunes

April 27, 2009

Wednesday Preview

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I’m speaking again this week @ our youth worship service.  It’s week 2 of 1 Month to Live.  Here’s what I’m trying to figure out how to best communicate:


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Every so often you find a product/service/meal that is so good that you must pass along a recommendation.  This past weekend I had 2 such experiences.

On Friday night we (Amanda & I) ate at Julep for the 1st time.  Great food & service for a reasonable price.  I suggest the fried chicken.

On Saturday I (Amanda was shopping) spent the afternoon doing work on the exterior of our home.  My biggest project for the day was to “clean” the cedar siding & post on our front porch & the shutters.  I’ve used several products in the past.  None of which I’d use again.  However, on Saturday I used Olympic’s Deck Brightener (I purchased it here).  It’s good stuff.  The cedar is back to its orginal look & ready for me to apply a water seal later this week.

April 24, 2009

Lessons Learned

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I spent the majority of today outside.  Mowing, weeding, weed-eating, & pressure washing much of our house.  Here’s yard work & youth ministry are similar

  • Weeds grow so easily – teenagers fall for sin so easily
  • Good soil & miracle grow/fertilizer has done wonders for our plants/shrubs.  Putting teens in the right environment (teen friendly, loving & prepared adults) along w/ God’s Word produces life changing results.
  • Routine maintenance is much better than spending all day once a month/quarter/year on a project.  Daily (or at least weekly) Bible study is much better than attending 2 or 3 big events each year.
  • Sometimes you don’t realize how dirty something (wood siding on our home) until you start cleaning it.  Teens often don’t realize how needy they are for Jesus until they meet Him.
  • Making the yard look decent is hard work.  Discipling teens is seldom easy.  (Click here to read a great post by Josh on this topic.)
  • It’s nice to sit back & admire the yard after all the hard work is done.  There’s nothing more rewarding than to see a teenager begin to make God honoring decisions.

April 22, 2009

Wednesday Reflections

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1 Month to Live
Week 1 of 3

Tonight’s Theme: Defining your 1 month to live values

Crowd: our college ministry joined the student ministry tonight; the room was packed; largest # of teens (160?) on a Wednesday night we’ve had since I started.

Music: the college ministry’s band led worship; Rich Price did a great job of leading

Talk: I spoke. I’d spent much time this week working on our lights & technical stuff & it paid off tonight.  Everything was much improved.  Still not totally @ home in that room & stage but feeling better & better.

Overall: It was a great night.  We were on a tight schedule; we started 15 minutes later than normal (due to the college joining us), but still needed to be out at the same time.  We mapped everything out & everyone worked really well together to make for a really smooth & packed (3 songs, 3 videos, 3 prayers, sermon & closing remarks by Mike) 45 minute service.  3Hopefully, we’ll join together w/ our college ministry fairly often.

We played the following videos as a part of the service:

April 20, 2009

Worthy of a click

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Some of my favorite recent blog posts:

April 19, 2009

Joy Prom Pictures

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April 18, 2009

Teen Talk

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Ever had a conversation that went just like this (minus the Aussie accent):

I found the video on Marko’s blog.

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