March 9, 2009

It Ain’t Always Fun

Filed under: Youth Ministry — Neil @ 8:03 am

Youth Ministry is fun.  Teens are fun.  Helping teens grow in their walk w/ Christ is really fun.

However, it ain’t always fun

This morning @ Chocolate Pop Tart (the event formerly known as Prayer Breakfast) wasn’t all fun.

About a month ago we changed the name from Prayer Breakfast to PBJ & eventually Chocalote Pop Tart.  Why?  Because of the 45 minutes we spend together on Monday mornings only about 2 of them are spent praying.

This morning we did prayer requests.  Few teens cared.

Next, I read Luke 15:8-10.  Fewer teens cared.

I tried to communicate about how God is like the lady desperately searching for the coin & how He celebrates when we choose His way.  Fewer teens cared.

I then came close to losing it.  Said something like “You don’t care about prayer requests, prayer, or reading the Bbile, but yet you say that you are a Chrsitian.  I just don’t get it.”  I bit my tongue before saying anything else.  I  prayed & we dismissed.

Teens are fun, but sometimes they are really frustrating.  I wish that we could open their heart & head & just pour in Jesus.  God must certainly feel like that w/ me as well.



  1. Neil…if u can see this…i oftentimes share ur frustrations about YM not always being fun & for the very same reasons… BUT if you have them coming in early Monday mornings before they go to school…WOW!!!
    Btw…also Remember what we learned Friday (how were we at that age —- I was terrible)

    Can you share with me how you got it started?

    I would really love to be able to do something like that and have them ACTUALLY SHOW UP!!!

    Comment by Jeff Stafford — March 9, 2009 @ 9:32 am

  2. Jeff,

    “prayer breakfast” has a long history in churches. I think all of the larger churches do it. Ours doesn’t have a real purpose outside of fellowship.

    Kenny Stanteen @ FBC Clinton is doing a great job w/ his on Tuesday? mornings. He has students leading devotionals & the prayer time.

    Comment by Neil — March 9, 2009 @ 9:36 am

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