March 6, 2009

Book Review: It

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No, not that It.  This version of It: How Churches & Leaders Can Get It & Keep It is written by Craig, pastor of You can purchase the book here (really high quality videos of the book are available as well) or you can purchase it at Amazon.

I’ve been reading Craig’s blog for a year or more, read his book Confessions of a Pastor back in the fall & I’d heard him preach about It at Catalyst so I was anxious to read It.

What I liked:

  • His honesty.  Craig & Lifechurch are know for being innovative.  He gives examples when he & his church didn’t have it.  The mistakes he has made.  I find that very refreshing.  Often the leaders/churches w/ it paint a picture that they always get it right.
  • The chapter on failing forward.  Says something like – we all fail & are going to fail; the choice is rather we fail for pushing & doing or fail because we do nothing.  It stretched me to think of life/ministry in that context.
  • Having it doesn’t come down to just 1 thing.  Too often we (Christians) say that _______ is the key.  Craig says vision, focus, team work, innovation, failing forward, outward focus, & kingdom-mindedness all play a part in a leader/church having it.

What I wasn’t crazy about:

  • Lack of definition of it.  I know it’s because he or anyone else can’t exactly define it, but it still made reading parts a bit confusing.
  • I wish he would have included examples of ministers or churches that had it (they were passionatley following Christ, devoted to Kingdom growth, etc.), but weren’t seeing exponential growth.  This seems to be totally ignored in the book.  God’s blessing = crazy growth.  I think that’s true in most cases, but there are biblical examples of godly men doing what God says & still finding difficulty.
  • The questions @ the end of each chapter.  Really good thought provoking questions.  Too often it seems that when questions are included that it seems like they were just tagged on, that’s not the case w/ this book.  I found myself looking forward to each chapter’s questions.
  • Throughout the book he profiles leaders that have it.  It was another example of Craig’s desire to unite churches together & to share ministry.

The best part:

  • His 3 step prayer at the conclusion of the book: Stretch me, ruin me, and heal me.

To see if you have it, take the test.


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