February 3, 2009

Youth Ministry Grades

Filed under: Youth Ministry — Neil @ 8:36 pm

This weekend our youth ministry’s leadership team had our annual we retreat.  We attended LiveLove.  We also met to discuss all things related to our youth ministry.  The team consists of 10 teenagers.  6 high schoolers & 4 junior high.

We began our meeting by listing every thing our youth ministry does.  We then each gave each a grade.  Here’s the report card:

Weekly Activities:

  • Sunday School: A
  • Bible Drills: B
  • Prayer Breakfast: C+
  • Saturation: B+
  • Jr. High Worship: A
  • Sr. High Worship: A

Yearly Events:

  • Disciple Now: A
  • Crawfish Boil: C
  • End of the School Year Event (Redneck Day, Super Hero Day): C
  • Tubing: C
  • Summer Camp: A
  • Summer Mission Trip: A
  • Jr. High H2O: B+
  • Sr. High H2O: B
  • Christmas Party: B+
  • Hands & Feet: A

Anything receiving an A we listed why it was succeeding.  The things that received Bs we developed ways to improve.  Those with Cs & we decided on the needed changes.

It was a really good healthy couple of hours of planning.  Now it’s time to implement the changes.


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