January 12, 2009

Disciple Now Theme

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Disciple Now Logo

The Why behind the theme for this year’s Disciple Now:

I like to think that I have good ideas.  Creative ideas.  But something God is teaching me is to take advantage of the moment.  When an idea comes write it down.  When He speaks take notes.  So, I’ve developed the practice of taking notes.  Lots of notes.  Most of them are typed into the notepad on my phone.

I have 1 “notepad” that just contains sermon ideas.  Some are series others are just individual sermons.

Beginning back in the summer I began my list of youth sermon series idea for this Spring.  Knowing that 1 of them would eventually be the DNow Theme.

I narrowed the list of DNow themes down to 3.  I picked the 3 that were broader.  The 3 that were big topic ideas.  Why? I wanted this weekend to focus on teaching our teenagers about God.  Rather than just how to be a better friend, forgive, date, etc.  We can never do enough Bible studies to cover every topic, but if we focus on teaching teens (people) Jesus then that is enough.

The next step after narrowing down the themes was to discuss them w/ the DNow speaker.  I shared them w/ Michael.  We both prayed.  He felt led towards the topic of Light.  I agreed & we went w/ the topic.

Life is too often dark. There is always going to be pain, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, etc.  Do we teach teens to handle each or just that Jesus is the light of the world & if we follow Him we’ll have the light of life (John 8:12)?  I elected to take the 2nd option.  There is always a place for topical studies, but there’s also a place for bigger themes.

I’m excited about Michael teaching on “my” topic.  He spent years in youth ministry prior to being promoted? to pastor.  His outlines for each of the sermons are great.  God has gifted him w/ the ability to teach.  I’m excited to see God use what he began months ago in my heart & mind.

Let There Be Light.


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