January 7, 2009

Wednesday Reflections

Jr. High

  • Music – Josh & band were out tonight.  My friend Ty (of Jonezetta fame) led for us & did a great job.  It was just vocals & acoustic.  The teens didn’t sing much for several factors (see crowd for more info).  The main issue was without drums, electric, bass & drums it just wasn’t loud enough.  When’s not loud enough for folks to be absolutely sure their neighbor can’t hear them they don’t sing.  I’m the same way.
  • Crowd – Big crowd!  Especially for the 1st week back after a month back.  We were just under 50.  We had 5 or so 1st timers & a bunch more who started coming in November.  Really disappointed that some of our “regulars” weren’t/haven’t been there lately.  We should be having 70 jr. high each week.
  • Game – No game.  Just too busy w/ Disciple Now to spend time/creative energy on a game this week.
  • Talk – Not doing a true series this month.  I’m focusing more on DNow for promotions.  Tonight, I told the Gospel.  We are sinners, God loves, & He commands us to follow Him.  I ended the night telling a story of exploding Coke cans & this baseball game.  I connected really well w/ them.  Especially for so many new teens to be in the crowd.

Sr. High

  • Crowd – 28; thought it was great to hit the high 20s on our 1st night back & several of those who never miss were out tonight due to school stuff
  • Music – see above; sr. high were more into the music though
  • Talk – the crowd did lots of talking; went well, but not as good as the jr. high

Overall, I thought it was a great night.  1st night to meet in a month & we had over 70!  Gospel was presented on a night when we had a lot of kids who aren’t saved yet.

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