December 15, 2008


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This week we are keeping a 9 year old little girl.  Her parents, our friends (at least were), are on a cruise & we are helping them out.  We’ve had her for about 4 hours & boy is there a lot of stuff we don’t know.  Here’s what we’ve learned already:

  • Our snacks (trail mix & granola bars) aren’t her idea of snacks.  She thought it was a joke.
  • Roscoe, our 70 lbs. English Bulldog, & her aren’t a good match.  Roscoe loves kids & by love I mean jumping on.  I don’t know what she weighs, but it ain’t enough.
  • She likes to watch cartoons, but it’s Monday & that means football.  She’s not impressed.
  • She asked “what’s for breakfast?”.  Amanda said ummmmm….breakfast?  I said I would share my water or orange juice & nutri-gain bars.  Again she thought it was a joke.
  • She also asked “what’s for supper?”  Apparently, her mom & dad cook.  She’s not impressed w/ our way of living.
  • Amanda is now going to cook biscuits for breakfast.  Having a kid around does have a least 1 benefit.
  • I’m taking her to school in the morning.  I’ll see how she likes to listen to my sports talk stations (God listen to sports talk too if you were wondering).

This week maybe very interesting.


  1. Once you finish the 9 year old, you should try a 2 year old. I know just the one for you. He is tons of fun and has a super cool mom!!! I think you know her!

    Comment by nicki — December 15, 2008 @ 10:17 pm

  2. Yeah, but he’s a preacher’s kid & we all know what they are like.

    Comment by Neil — December 15, 2008 @ 10:57 pm

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