December 12, 2008

Why Teenagers Don’t Talk To Their Parents

Filed under: Parents,Youth Ministry — Neil @ 7:00 am

D.C. Curry, student ministry pastor @ Granger, posted the reasons his teenagers gave for not talking to their parents.  To read the complete entry click here.  Here’s the list:

  • “They are so much older than me, we are not on the same level.”
  • “They have authority over me, so I might get in trouble if I tell them something bad I did.”
  • “They think everything is so much simpler than it really is.”
  • “They put a lot of pressure on you.”
  • “I just don’t tell them anything because I don’t want to disappoint them.”
  • “They already have so much on their plate, I don’t want to add to their plate.”
  • “They are just going to judge me.”
  • “I don’t know my parents.”
  • “Sometimes I just want a simple answer but they keep going on and on and on….”
  • “Every time I talk to them, it’s always a lecture, they never listen to what I have to say.”
  • “My dad always has the right answer so it’s not worth it.”
  • “They never listen to what I’m going through but they always want to tell me what to do.”

Parents, what can we learn from this?


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