November 29, 2008

Can’t Imagine

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Anyone who knows me knows that I bleed maroon.  I’ve never not been a State fan.  Today, one of the best men in college football resigned as the State coach.  Unfortunately, an incredible life story & morals don’t guarantee success as a head coach in the S.E.C.

No one was more excited about Coach Croom when he was hired.  I was proud that my school was the 1st SEC school to hire an African-American head coach.  His 1st press conference won me over.  However, it was during this game was when I started having serious doubts.

Looking back on his 5 years as coach I believe he made some critical mistakes in his first couple of years that stopped him from succeeding.  What I’ve learned from Coach Croom:

  • When you are the leader you can’t make decisions personal.  The same goes for criticism.
  • Be willing to evaluate everything & make the needed changes.
  • It’s ok to be stubborn on the big issues, but on the process/system/ministry be very flexible to make sure you achieve the goal.
  • Doing the right thing doesn’t always = success.

While I agree that him resigning was the right decision.  I can’t imagine living your life in that much of a fishbowl.  Where your career is front page news, all over ESPN & even blogged about by a youth minister.  I watched the end of Phil Fulmer’s final game tonight & felt the same about him & his family.  It has to be tough on the coach’s family to see someone they love so much & know the long hours they’ve worked only to see their failure plastered everywhere.  I know they make millions, but that can’t make the pain go away.


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  1. I actually told Dan tonight that I’m glad he is a preacher rather than a coach! I thought ministers got a lot of criticism but nothing like a coach.

    Comment by nicki — November 29, 2008 @ 10:48 pm

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