October 22, 2008

Wednesday Reflections

Tonight was the final night of Decision ’08 in the youth worship services.  Instead of tackling a specific topic I did a Q & Session w/ the following questions:

  • How can I get along w/ my parents?
  • What music & movies is it ok for me to listen/watch?
  • It is a decision that you must make with your parents.
  • What happens after I die?
  • Is it ok to drink alcohol?
  • I know reading the Bible is a good thing, but why is it so hard?
  • How do I know that I’m a Christian?
  • I want to tell my friends about Jesus, but I don’t have a clue about how to do that?
  • How can I not be so self-centered?
  • How can I have a healthy self-image?
  • How can I resist temptation?

While I addressed these preselected questions I asked for the teens to text me any other question.  It was quite interesting the variety of questions I received.  It was a different than normal & I think that made it fun.

Jr. High

  • Crowd: good crowd; right on our average in the mid 40s
  • Game: Name That Tune – girls won as usual; Very few new Green Acres or Dukes of Hazzard
  • Music: Josh is out w/ the flu so ‘Topher & Charlie did an acoustic version & it was fun – sort of a coffee house feel
  • Talk: Great questions from the group (mainly dealing w/ parents, step-parents, death & friends)

Sr. High:

  • Crowd: Officially 28 but we had 4 others who had to leave early; I’m confident that we’ll break 30 this semester
  • Game: We mixed in a game for a change in this service.  Name That Tune was just as fun w/ this group  & girls won as always
  • Music: see the jr. high service notes
  • Talk: lots of questions were sent to me during the service (texting definitely works in getting teens to respond to a message); the questions text to me were primarily about dating, friendships, other religions/denominations

I’m going to take advantage of texting questions/comments/responses more.  I liked doing the Q&A format & will be looking for ways to do that more often.  Next week we are off due to the Fall Festival & then we wrap up the semester w/ Pocket Change, a 4 week series on $.

Here’s a couple of cell phone pictures from tonight’s sr. high service:


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