October 19, 2008


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This morning at the beginning of Youth Sunday School as I was finishing w/ the announcements Sergio on behalf of our teens & youth workers recognized Amanda & I in honor of Clergy Appreciation Month. They gave us several really nice gifts & even better notes & cards of appreciation.

I don’t think of myself as clergy. I’ve never been comfortable w/ thinking of myself as a “professional minister” (my use of the word dadgum this morning in the 11:00 worship service likely proves that I’m not) or using titles like reverend or brother. I wikipediaed (Am I the 1st person to make wikipedia a verb much like google is now used?) the word clergy and this is what I found:

Clergy is the generic term used to describe the formal religious leadership within a given religion. The term comes from Greek κλήροςkleros, “a lot”, “that which is assigned by lot” (allotment) or metaphorically, “heritage”[1]. Depending on the religion, clergy usually take care of the ritual aspects of the religious life, teach or otherwise help in spreading the religion’s doctrine and practices. They often deal with life-cycle events such as childbirth, baptism, circumcision, coming of age ceremonies and death.

I do baptize folks & I have been to see a few babies at the hospital & I’ve even preached a funeral service, but I think I’ll avoid the circumcision thing. I must have missed that day at seminary (it may have been during the NCAA Basketball Tournament because I have strong belief of watching basketball rather than working or studying on those days.)

I am deeply appreciative of the gifts, cards & notes. I’ve read each of them & I’m amazed at how God could use me to lead others towards Him.


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