October 1, 2008

Wednesday Reflections

Week 1 of Decision ’08

Topic: Dating

Jr. High

  • Crowd – Great crowd, 42, especially for opening night of the state fair
  • Game – above average;  We did a multiple choice game about the differences between guys & girls.  It was really funny to see how little guys know about girls
  • Music – no music tonight (see below)
  • Talk – connected well w/ the crowd; Dating is the #1 topic for them & their attentiveness, especially the girls, proved that

High School

  • Crowd – great crowd – it was our highest attendance of the semester which is pretty amazing considering the fair kicking off tonight; several 1st time guests
  • Game – same game as the jr. high & the girls dominated again
  • Music – no music (see below)
  • Talk – the illustration for how far is too far really worked as did the advice about putting boundaries in our lives

Tonight, was different.  No music due to Josh & the band having to be away.  I was really worried about not having any music, but it seemed ok.  I hope the 1st time visitors in the sr. high will come back to check out what its like w/ the music.  It was also different because I had a really hard time settling on how to approach the topic.  Even up until I gave the talk tonight I just wasn’t sure about it.  I went over it & went over it this afternoon, but just never felt satisfied w/ it.  I wanted our teens to really hear God’s Word on the topic, but was afraid I’d get in the way.  I’m pretty amazed at how well it went.  I really hope that the girls heard that their value is not dependent on a guy, but their God.


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