September 19, 2008

Friday in the ATL

Filed under: Personal,Sports — Neil @ 8:44 pm

We are visiting my sister in the ATL this weekend (actually we’re way north, but no one knows where Ball Ground is.) Today, went like this:

  • a very tough morning run due to the abundance of steep hills.
  • Shopping most of the day here. Amanda had a blast as usual.
  • I had Five Guys fix me a great burger & fries for lunch. Good burger & GREAT fries. The fries were served in brown lunch bag & I finished the bag.
  • My 7 year old nephew questioned Amanda’s gender due to her ability to throw the football.  He also renamed a classic kid’s game (sorry his phrase didn’t clear Neil’s Blog editorial review board).
  • Dad & I watched my 10 year old nephew’s football practice.
    • Warning I’m about to rant on kid’s sports: Its a team of 10 year olds & they have 3 3 hour practices each week plus a 2 hour game. They have 15 players or so & 5 coaches (about 5 too many based on today’s practice). The coaches video each of their games & break down the film for the players each week. Plus, they video their upcoming oponents & break down that as well. Today’s practice was a walk-through for tomorrow’s game. The coaches spent the practice walking the players through each of the opponents plays. It went like this: 5 coaches diagramming dozens of plays, 15 players doing any of the following: playing in the dirt, staring at the sky, catching bugs, etc. The kids who were on the sidelines seem to be having much more fun than the kids playing. Why do we adults ruin kid’s sports leagues?
  • Poppy Seed chicken for supper & chocolate cake for dessert. My sister has come a long ways sense her days of making me milkshakes at night when we were kids.
  • Going to bed early so I’ll be fully rested to moan about State’s offense tomorrow when they play Tech.
  • I’m looking forward to eating lunch at The Varsity.

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