September 18, 2008

Wednesday Reflections

Jr. High

  • Crowd: Way down; where were the 9th graders?
  • Game: fun & simple; since the night’s topic was Old School Study Habits we gave teams 1 minute to list the excuses they use not to study or do homework -we’ve got some creative kids
  • Music: the bigger the crowd the more the group is usually into the music, but even for a low attendance night the group seemed into the music; Josh did his usually stellar job.
  • Teaching: Studying is a tough subject to get jr. high students excited about. I’m not sure if they bought into the idea that “studying” isn’t bad just studying stuff we don’t like is boring. Based on their feedback I don’t think they’d ever thought about jr high age Jesus studying.

Sr. High

  • Crowd: a little below average
  • Game: We seldom do a game, but they voted for it so we did the same game as the jr. high. My favorite reason they gave for not studying is…”I’m going blind.”
  • Music: Good except that I forgot to move 1 of the 2 SYATP videos to the transition between music & the Bible study. I totally forgot so it was played in between songs & it wasn’t effective & just seemed weird to everyone.
  • Teaching: While high school students still aren’t crazy about studying they were able to grasp the concept better. I went into greater detail w/ them about what studying Scripture will do in their lives.

I ended my talk in each service talking about Saturation. I’m really not sure what kind of turnout I’ll get for Saturation, but I was pleasantly surprised by the # of students who seemed genuinely interested in developing the habit of reading the Bible.

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