September 18, 2008

Shazam(and other stuff)

Filed under: Personal — Neil @ 12:16 pm
  • I’ve discovered maybe the most amazing thing ever. It’s Shazam! Shazaam is a new app in the iTunes store. It’s the coolest thing ever. This is how it works: after downloading it to your iphone/ipod touch you open the app & let it “listen” to whatever song is currenly playing on the radio/tv/whatever & then it tells you the name of the song, artist & album. It also provides you w/ a link to purchase the song at iTunes or to related links on YouTube. I’m mesmerized by it. There has to be a jr. high game possibility in here somewhere (isn’t it sad that I’m always trying to “create” a new jr. high game out of absolutely anything).
  • Amanda’s grandmother is now in hospice care. Please pray for her family.
  • Monday I have book reviews due on this book & this one. I’ve spent most of today reading & taking notes. Just a few minutes ago I received an email from my professor saying the due date was being pushed back 1 week. Thanks Dr. Pounds. My weekend will be much better now.
  • I’m jealous that Blake is at Granger for Innovate. He’s posting his notes so join me & learn w/ him.
  • Amanda & I are traveling w/ my parents this weekend to Atlanta to see my sister & family. We’ll also see State’s offense score against Tech this weekend. Sundays are a work day for me & using the weekends to travel to see family isn’t something that I get to do often (this is the 1st time in 2.5 years) so I’m looking forward to it.

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