September 14, 2008

Weekend Review

Filed under: Personal,Sports,Sundays — Neil @ 11:06 pm
  • Amanda’s grandmother w/ cancer is our biggest concern right now.
  • The little girl who sits in front of us at the State football game who last week asked if Amanda would marry her dad (her mom is an iPhone user so we’ve hit it off) this week turned around looked me straight in the eye and said “you’re bald.” I thought of explaining to her that I’m not bald, but I’ve chosen to shave my head, but I resisted. She also made a very inappropriate (but quite funny) attempt to grab Amanda’s sunglasses. She’s much more entertaining than State’s offense.
  • As I posted here we had planned & even began to take the Miata to Starkville, but a very slight sprinkle as we were pulling out of the drive way scared us out of it (the Miata is small, but w/ the top up it’s unbearable for me).  Of course we had clear skies the rest of the trip.
  • Lunch was here. They still have the best cheese sticks, but their burger now ranks behind Mugshots.
  • Good youth crowd today.
  • I’m excited about next summer’s mission trip to Athens, Greece.
  • This guy came to eat with us after church tonight. Amanda cooked a big meal & even baked a red velvet cake w/ homemade icing.
  • I finished a project for my NOBTS class. The class hasn’t met for 2 weeks due to Labor Day & Gustav.
  • It’s 11:06 & the odds of me waking at 5:00 in the morning to run before prayer breakfast at 7:00 are getting worse by the minute.
  • Isn’t this a cute dog.

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