September 11, 2008

Wednesday Reflections

Jr. High

  • Crowd: We were back at our average, mid 40s, for this semester.
  • Game: We played Old School Famiies; a quiz game w/ tv families from the 60s, 70, & 80s; no one new this family
  • Music: the fun songs were great, but we didn’t transition very well into the slower song
  • Teaching: Old School Families was the topic that I was looking forward to the most in this series.  Last week (friendship) was a bigger hit w/ the teens, but I felt this talk was more vital.  Taking a look at the Old Testament families really grossed them out.  It went ok, but in hindsight I would have pushed it back a week due to my travels this week

Sr. High

  • Crowd: the crowd was back in the mid 20s. the high school crowd has been really energetic all year & last night was no different.  They seem to really look forward to Wednesday nights, now if they’d just tell their friends.
  • Music: ok, but not great; I requested a couple of songs that the band wasn’t totally comfortable w/.  Next time I’ll make my requests earlier in the week.
  • Teaching: see above

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