September 9, 2008

Tuesday Night @ Refuge

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Refuge Tuesday Night
David Platt

2 Biblical non negotiables
1. Unwaivering confidence in the gospel.
2. Undying commintment to the mission.

  • What would happen if we responded to the word of God in reverence? Like we do music.
  • The Gospel is good.

Romans 9:1-5 (to set the stage for this passage David quoted Romans chapters 1-8; it was amazing, folks were standing & cheering – not for him but for what the Word says)

  • Gospel theology & urgent missiology
  • If you don’t have urgent missiology, you don’t have Gospel theology.
  • Do I really believe the Bible? Not just preach/teach/use it, but actually believe it?
  • If I believe Romans 1-8, the ramifications are huge.
  • If Romans 1-8 is true we don’t have time to play games in church or spend $ on ourselves.
  • Stop coming up with self directed strategies for ministry.  God doesn’t bless us based soley on our motives.  God has promised to bless His plan.
  • The predominant question in the church how do I find god’s will?  It’s not lost.
  • How did we decide that all Christians get to take part in the blessings of Christianity but not in the obligations of the Gospel.
  • Missions is not optional. All are called.  We are commanded to go; its not a matter of prayer.  Its not just for the “chosen”.
  • The Gospel deserves to go to all nations. Where did we get the idea that we get to chose between local & international missions.
  • The name of Jesus is still good. It still causes the blind to see and the dead to rise.
  • We can’t control our culture but Jesus still works. He’s capable of changing every teenager.
  • Am I willing to be killed for the Gospel?
  • Glory not guilt motivates for missions. Feeling good about the Gospel motivates.
  • Jesus deserves all the glory. No false god is worth any glory.
    • that should compel me to take the Gospel to the world

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  1. Awesome Night!

    Comment by jodygambrell — September 9, 2008 @ 11:39 pm

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