September 7, 2008

Sunday Reflections

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  • Guessing about Sunday attendance is totally guess work.  Last weekend was a holiday weekend & attendance was up.  This weekend w/ no holiday attendance was down.
  • Good feedback from our Sunday School classes today.
  • We spent the afternoon w/ Amanda’s family.  Her grandmother is in the hospital w/ bronchitis & congestive heart failure.  We went to visit her granddad first & then to the hospital.
    • They’ve been married 58 years & it’s sad to see them separated by sickness.
    • Her granddad was amazed that I didn’t need a ladder to change out some light bulbs for him.
    • The way that generation communicates is so different.  Her grandparents haven’t talked on the phone to one another in years (literally we asked).  For years they’ve sat side by side in their recliners, but never talk on the phone.  Amanda & I talk/text dozens of times each day.
  • It was a beautiful day so we did our traveling in Amanda’s Miata.  Here are a few pictures:
  • I came home tonight to write a short paper for a class only to find out there is no class tomorrow due to problems caused by Gustaf at NOBTS.  Is it wrong of me to be excited about no class due to a hurricane?  With Ike closing in on the gulf I wonder if we’ll meet next Monday.  You can follow Ike here.
  • Tonight, I began reading unChristian.
  • Tomorrow I leave for Birmingham to attend Refuge.  I’ll post more about it tomorrow.

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