August 28, 2008

Wednesday Reflections

Jr. High

  • Crowd – good crowd, but we still can’t seem to break through the mid 40s
  • Game – I was afraid it would flop, but it actually seemed to work; We divided into guys vs. girls (always a good way to get the competitive juices flowing). Each team was given 1 minute to come up w/ as many uses for a tomato as they could (the game was in honor of this). The guys won 22-18, but the girls won the prize for spelling “saute'” sawtey.
  • Music – Josh was out playing for his dad’s church; Chase filled in for us. Anytime we have an “outsider” lead in music its always a little off no matter how good of a job is done. Chase’s van w/ its blackboard exterior & an engine that runs on vegetable oil was a big hit.
  • Teaching: I attempted to anwer the question of How Do I Know God’s Will. The group was very attentive, but I’m not sure they really understood what I was saying.

Sr. High

  • Crowd: late arriving crowd but once again was in the mid 20s which is a good crowd for our sr. high
  • Music: see above; the high school crowd adapts better to new worship leaders than the jr. highers
  • Teaching: The topic worked better w/ the high schoolers; I used a few different illustrations & went much deeper w/ them. Romans 12:1-2 is a tough passage & really difficult to apply. I told them that discovering God’s will is simple, but most will choose not to.

Next week we begin Old School.


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