August 25, 2008

Athens 2009

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As I posted here I really am amazed at the response to this trip.

History of this trip:

  • Our youth committee began praying about this trip last Spring. During the summer of ’07 we agreed that we would commit to sending a team of teens & at least 4 adults overseas on a mission trip. We then began praying & researching where to go & which organization to use. This summer we reached the conclusion of International World Changers & to go to Athens, Greece.
  • The committee agreed that sending 6 teens & 4 adults would be our goal.
  • This trip was 1st presented to parents in the August of 2007. In our parents meeting a few weeks ago we announced the trip’s location & date.
  • Yesterday, I met w/ parents & teens who are interested in this trip.

Why I’m amazed at the response:

  • We have 13 teens who really want to go on this trip. A couple of them have issues that they have to work out in order to go. So, w/ the 4 adult leaders we should have 17 or more go to Athens.
  • 3 summers ago we took a total of 16 teens to summer camp.
  • Our group has really grown numerically in the past few years. Sunday School, Wednesday Nights, Big Event attendance has all really increased. I can remember being excited when we had 30 teens attend on a Wednesday night. Last week we had 65 attend during a thunderstorm.
  • Its great to have 80 teens attend an event like Disciple Now, but to have 13 teens & their parents commit to spending $2,000 & 9 days of their summer to serve God in Greece is much more impressive.

When a church does a trip like this people always ask why. Why spend that much $? Couldn’t you the same stuff in Clinton? Why…

  • My response:
    • Yes, its expensive – we don’t seem to ask that question in regards to just about anything else we purchase (clothes, cars, homes, soccer/baseball travel teams, etc.).
    • Our church/youth ministry does local missions as well. Our youth ministry spends each Christmas serving our church, the elderly, & other community groups. We do the same at Spring Break. During the year we do small projects (We are going to SON Valley in a couple of weeks). We also do regional missions (New Orleans & St. Louis in the past couple of years). Jesus said in Acts 1:8 that we should be spreading the Gospel locally, regionally & internationally.

I really believe that this trip can be a life changing experience for our teens. Parents, if you are interested in more information please email or check out this week’s Parent’s Update (it’ll be online later today).

How you can be invloved in this trip:

  • Pray. Pray for who will be going w/ us. Pray for the finances of this trip. Pray for the people that we ill share the Gospel with in Athens. Pray for safety.
  • Financially contribute. The trip is expensive & we are seeking scholarships for the participants. If you are interested in financially contributing to this trip please email me.

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