August 15, 2008


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I was watching the Today Show this morning when the parents of Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson were interviewed. Natisa won the gold & Shawn the silver in gymnastics last night (actually yesterday morning, but it was on NBC last night).

During the interview Shawn’s parents mentioned they had taken out 3 mortgages to allow her to train & travel for gymnastics. Of course it seems to have worked out for them (her endorsements should take care of the debt). However, their are thousands of other families that have done the same thing for their kids without being able to point to a silver medal for proof that it was a good decision.

My questions:

How much debt for your child’s extracuricular (sports, gymnastics, Attache’, etc.) interest is too much?

Would it be better to teach your child good money mangagement?

What does it mean to be a good steward of your money?

I’m not asking to making anyone mad, but just to get us to think. If you are mad, so am I when I find myself buying stuff I don’t need thinking it’ll bring me satisfaction. Isn’t it sick that we justify buying stuff even stuff for ourselves or our kids (uniforms, travel expenses for teams or groups, dues, a tutor/coach for a sport/skill), but then don’t give God His.


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