August 14, 2008

Decision 08 Update

Filed under: Decision 08,Polls — Neil @ 11:05 pm

I’ve updated the paper ballots from this past Sunday.  Here’s the current Decision 08 standings (the number is the total # of votes received):

Death; Is life support ok? What happens after death? 63 10%
What is appropriate worship? Is it an event or an experience? 61 10%
Is it ok for a Christian to drink alcohol? 54 9%
What did Jesus say His church should look like? 51 8%
How should I spend my money? 48 8%
What is my role in the church? 44 7%
What is God’s will for my life? 43 7%
Are all religions equal? 41 7%
What is the proper lens to interpret the Old Testament? 38 6%
I’m saved, what’s next? 33 5%
How to choose a career? How do I know if I should change jobs/careers? 31 5%
What movies/t.v. shows/music is appropriate for Christians? 31 5%
Should I limit myself to friendships with believers? 21 3%
Is there an age limit on honoring and obeying my parents? 21 3%
Who should I date? Who should I marry? Pre-marital sex? 16 3%
Is homosexuality an acceptable alternative lifestyle? 15 2%
To have kids or not and when is the best time? 11 2%

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