August 12, 2008

Summer Review

Tomorrow night officially begins the Fall for our youth ministry.  So, I guess its time to do my summer review.

Super Hero Day – It was one of the most successful single night events that I’ve done at Parkway.  Attendance was much better than I anticipated.  Moving it inside this year was a good move.  Doing costumes this year really added to it.

Senior Trip – 1st time for us to do a senior trip & it was planned really late.  Although it was organized almost at the last minute it was still a lot of fun.  Its a safe & inexpensive way for our graduates to have a senior trip.  I’d like for this to become an annual event for our seniors.

H2O – Summer attendance was better than expected.  Using the Nooma videos for the high schoolers seemed to work & Matt did a good job leading the jr. high group.  It wouldn’t be possible without Parkway members allowing us to use their pool on a weekly basis.  My favorite thing about H2O is that it allows us a change of pace for the summer

CEF Mission Trip – The best mission trip I’ve ever led. it was an 8 day trip w/ 20 folks so of course we had a few issues but it was a great week.  The only downside was that CEF wouldn’t allow us to bring a bigger group.  I’d like to do it again, but it might be a trip more for a specific age group.

Student Life Camp – The best Student Life Camp I’ve led.  The only downside was that it was a day shorter than normal – although that also allowed some teens to attend who wouldn’t have otherwise.

LAUNCH – I enjoyed LAUNCH more than any other single big event/retreat that I’ve led at Parkway.  We had plenty of great adult volunteers, great location (we’ll be back at Twin Lakes), speaker & band were right on target for our theme.  I really liked Twin Lakes.  I’ve never done a retreat that close to home & it has many benefits (being able to set up the day of & then travel back home, teens being able to arrive late or leave early due to school/family conflicts, 30 minute bus ride, being able to be back at Parkway on Sunday morning).  I expect us to be back at Twin Lakes next year for LAUNCH

Overall – This was my 3rd summer at Parkway & the best by a wide margin.  I saw more spiritual growth among our group than in the previous summers.  Summers are exhausting.  They seem to last forever & at the same time to be over too quickly.  I feel like I do more actual youth ministry in the summer than any other time of the year.  Almost unbelievably the calendar for next summer is almost completely finished.

A few pictures from the summer:


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