August 5, 2008

Shorter is Harder

Filed under: Personal — Neil @ 10:20 pm

Shorter seems to be harder.  I also believe that shorter usually means better.  I’ve seen several examples of this in my life lately:

  • Shorter meetings are always better than longer meetings.  However, longer meetings are easier.  Its much tougher for me to cover a semester worth of info in 30 minutes, but its easier to do it in an hour.  I’ve succeeded & failed at this lately.
  • Shorter sermons to jr. high students are my goal for this semester in our jr. high worship service.  Last year I went over 20 minutes almost every week.  This year my goal is for the sermon to be 10-12 minutes (I never want to go pass 15 minutes this semester).  It seems it would be easier to do a shorter sermon, but it’s not for me.  Its much more difficult.  It’s going to take much editing.
  • Shorter articles are hard.  I’m writing an article for Student Life‘s new newsletter.  My topic is How Do You Use Summer Camps Within Your Youth Ministry? Its due on Monday (which means I must finish it this week due to LAUNCH).  My problem is that the article must be between 400-600 words.  I just finished my first draft.  It would be much easier if the article could be 800 or more words.  However, no one would finish reading it (perhaps just like this post?).
  • I’m leading a breakout session at Glorietta on the Gulf next weekend.  My topics are How to Use the Web in Youth Ministry (it ain’t to build a big fancy flashy website, I believe its much simpler & cheaper than that) & Ministry to Parents (that’s likely quiet funny to some of you).  There is almost unlimited directions that I could go w/ each topic.  Each would be ok, but I only have a limited amount of time.  Covering everything could be educational, but would also be unlikely to influence anyone.

Shorter is harder, but often better.  It requires more work, but its worth it.  It’s ironic that a post on shorter is better is a post that is much too long.


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