July 25, 2008

Fall Preview

I’m really excited about this Fall for our youth ministry.  We’ll be doing 4 series during our jr. high & sr. high youth worship services.  I’ve been working on each of them since this past Winter/early Spring.  I’ve tried to match each series w/ a time of the year that will allow for the most impact.  Anyway here’s the preview:

Quest will be a 3 week series to kickoff the new school year.  We’ll cover: What are you searching for? Who is searching for you?  What does God want me to do?

Old School will be a 4 week series on how to apply old school values in today’s world.  It should be fun.  Lots of retro.  Old tv shows, old gadgets (if you have an old video camera or a really old cell phone – think bag phone – please email me).

Decision 08 will be a joint series between our Sunday worship services & our youth worship services. We’ll cover life’s biggest decisions.  An online poll will be available beginning in August for you to vote for the biggest decisions that you face.  I’m excited to see how the series goes.  It’ll be the 1st time that we’ve used an online forum as a church.  Also, the 1st time that the congregation has chosen the topics for a sermon series.

We’ll conclude the year by talking about $.  Youth have tons of it (if you don’t believe me ask the marketing experts & the video game & energy drink industries).  We’ll take a look at how God wants us to handle what He gives us.


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